Drinks fit for a palace and the most discerning palate.


About Us
Palais Distributing Co is a craft beer importer and wholesaler, established in October 2003 by Craig Jessup and Phillip Chehade.

Working together in a lounge bar in North Adelaide, Craig and Phillip shared a passion for craft beer. In 2002, they seized an opportunity to become the importer of one of their favourite beer companies, Unibroue, and Palais Distributing Co (then Palais Imports) was born.

Their beer distributing business steadily grew, and in 2009, when Unibroue stopped exporting beer outside North America, Craig and Phillip visited the USA and Canada to seek out more breweries of similar substance and quality to replace them with great success!

Palais Distributing Co now imports and distributes craft beer from some of the best breweries in Australia, Canada, United States and Japan. Our expansive cold-chain distribution network supplies more than 900 outlets around the country.

Discovering great breweries from around the world and sharing their amazing brews with others is our passion, plain and simple.  Cheers!

Great drinks fit for a palace and the most discerning palate.